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Bath and Powder Rooms

Just as I posted about kitchens a few months back, bath and powder rooms are equally important aspects of the home and deserve some attention.

A well-appointed bath adds a comforting touch to any home, contributing to an overall peaceful atmosphere.

Good photography is essential in capturing the carefully considered design of these intimate spaces.

When photographing baths, my main focus is creating a bright and relaxed mood that draws the viewer into the scene.

Paying special attention to the small details, whether it be the wall treatments, tiling, sconces or hardware, I strive to compose a dynamic image that brings all of the essential elements to life.

Working with the added dimension of radiant daylight, my portraits bring the room to life, allowing the viewer to truly experience the intended design and atmosphere of the space.

Below are some examples of my bath and powder room photography. Please take a look and keep me in mind for any design project that requires high-quality photography.

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