The MIT Chapel, Cambridge, MA
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The MIT Chapel, Cambridge, MA

Personal Work 

This is a two part project I’ve been working on the last couple years. I’ve visited the grounds multiple times in an effort to capture the simplistic beauty of this Eero Saarinen designed church (the chapel was rehabilitated in 2014 by Lee Kennedy Co. and the architectural firm EYP) and to see beyond the boundaries of the architecture and design, to break free of the confines and ultimately create images that reveal the palpable tranquility experienced within. 


From the outside the church appears simple and unimposing. The textured brick and rounded structure almost allow the building to completely fade into its surroundings. Approaching the main doorway, I am drawn to the symmetry created by the trees and shadows.


Once inside, you are immediately taken with the simplistic beauty and overwhelming sense of peace. The only daylight enters through a ceiling portal, drawing in rays of sunlight that cascade down a shimmering metal sculpture which illuminate the confined space with a sense of peace and tranquility. Personally, I love to just sit in the chapel and meditate on the light pouring down illuminating the marble altar; the overpowering feeling of peace and quiet cannot be denied.


For the second part of this project, I wanted to go beyond the details and create a unique work of art that transcends the space in which it is contained. These images were taken just outside the chapel in the hall that connects the chapel with the rest of the building. The images reflect the sense of simplistic design, peace and tranquility I feel when inside the church. While photographing I realized the images would work well as a triptych. The similar patterns of light, texture and color are enhanced when viewed together. The triptychs are printed large, approx. 5′ x 3′ and are available for purchase.

The second triptych, below.